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We started this site to lay out our plan to go sailboat cruising in 2016.  Currently, we live in a great house on an island in Beaufort, SC with our two daughters and our two dogs. My wife Laura and I both work DSC_0142in the public school system here and enjoy our work. We have a motorboat and a sailboat and have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, our community, and time with our friends while we live here. We are, overall, very happy people living at the coast in a humid subtropical climate with our summers off from work. Living the dream right!?

In January of 2013, however, our mindset about life and purpose and needs and wants started to change.  We wanted to consume less, live more, and to have a new adventure with our little family. We felt very much stuck in the “rat race” with no guarantee of tomorrow. So, over the course of a few months and many conversations, we decided to buy a boat, sell most of our stuff, and sail away with our two little girls three years from now.  None of our plans are very detailed yet, we just have a vision of sailing away, making memories and overcoming challenges with our family while we’re still (relatively) young.  That vision, however, is the result of a confluence of too many signs to ignore (the subject of a later post for sure).

Our plan for this site is to have a place where my wife and I can both contribute our thoughts, our plans, stories, resources, and updates.  The name of the site (Releasing the Bowlines) is a play on the Mark Twain quote about living now so that you don’t regret it later. However, we’re looking for a deeper meaning to evolve from it so stay tuned! Starting this site actually makes the process feel underway, like taking a first step, as small as it may be. We’ve all heard this quote before:

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  – Lao-tzu

The way this journey looks now, a thousand miles feels generous.