Acts of Kindness: Blessing Bracelets

Monday , 13, February 2017 13 Comments

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As we prepare to depart Boot Key Harbor, we are wrapping up our “100 Acts of Kindness Challenge” tomorrow and it has been a great experience for our family.  This project was created by Megan at Coffee Cups and Crayons and Kristina at Toddler Approved and challenged families, classes, or anyone, for that matter, to track 100 Acts of Kindness from January 16th through February 14th.   They both have so many different ideas on their websites.  I especially like their recent post about Little Loving Hands and I hope we can try it out when we are land based again. Every month you are sent a box of crafts to do with your child and the money goes to different causes (what an awesome birthday present!)  

We were originally tracking our acts of kindness with a paper chain, but the chain got be be a little too much in our in our little boat home so we had to take it down, plus we tried to make kindness just part of life.

The definition of an act of kindness does not really need to include money and it could be simple like smiling at someone or helping out your sister!  You never know what little actions could do to brighten up someone else’s day  We did lots of different “acts” like putting change in the vending machines, delivering crayons and coloring books to the hospital waiting room, leaving wipes and a note of inspiration at the changing station in restrooms, dropping off treats to the policeman and bags of goodies for the homeless.  As I have mentioned before, teaching the girls the importance of character is one of our biggest tasks as parents.  I believe it has taught me and the girls that we don’t need to track our acts of kindness but to make them part of everyday life.


So the timing of the Oriental Trading Brand Ambassador program was perfect to jump start a new venture into kindness for our little crew on All In. This all takes the form of bracelets.  We are starting a new mission as we sail….making Blessing Bracelets.

Since everyday is not promised to you, it is important to find happiness in the small things that make up life….and learning that everyday is a blessing if you are breathing.  When my mom was sick and fighting her last months with cancer, I remember receiving a knitted shawl/blanket….I believe it was called a blessing blanket.  It made me feel comforted that someone was thinking of my family during our difficult time.  Around this same time, my mother received a bracelet with a scripture from a friend who was also fighting cancer.  She religiously wore this bracelet referring to it often for strength and courage.  I decided that combining the two ideas into “blessing bracelets” may bring a little happiness to others who are either dealing with a difficult time or situation or just need a little cheer from time to time (don’t we all!!)


Each bracelet is made by either myself, Avery or Leslie and every bracelet is unique with different patterns and/or charms.  I’ve been impressed how focused the girl are at stringing the beads and excited at the end product.  I especially love how Leslie sticks out her tongue when she is really focusing…..I trait she has inherited from her Papa.


Do you know of someone that could use a little inspiration or a little cheer? Let us know and we can send a bracelet their way!  Just fill out the contact form with their name and mailing address.  We have already made a first “batch” of bracelets and are now expanding our bracelet making materials so hopefully we can get more creative as we gain more experience!!  If you would like to donate a couple bucks for shipping, it would be appreciated but not necessary……there is a donate button below on the right sidebar.

Thanks so much to Oriental Trading for inspiring us to begin making blessing bracelets and for the initial supplies to start this fun project.  You can check out the materials we used here.  They have hundreds of different bracelet making materials from beads, charms, tools, and kits.  Not to mention the thousands of other craft materials they produce….it can be overwhelming all the different options and materials to choose from!!

“Things in life will not bring you happiness but giving to others and making the world a happier place because of your acts will make you happier”.


Disclaimer: Oriental Trading sent us the supplies to make the bracelets.  All opinions are our own.

13 thoughts on “ : Acts of Kindness: Blessing Bracelets”
  • Gwen Richards says:

    I just love this idea and now I want to know how I can get one for my girls. They would love to have a bracelet made by Avery and Leslie.

  • David OBrien says:

    Beside the natural adventure you are providing your beautiful girls, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with all the “life adventure” you are making! Their whole lives will be molded by what is going on in their lives now. Great job no fantastic job!

  • Linda Peronto says:

    My hairdresser, Diane Browne Collett is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I would love for her to receive a blessing bracelet.
    Her address is 1003 Twyckenham Drive, Greensboro, NC 27455

    Grandmother Denise Merrick is my cousin.
    Linda Peronto, High Point, NC

  • Aunt Susan says:

    Beautiful bracelets!
    Yes, your Dad did pass along his power of concentration with his tongue?

  • Maggie Woodie says:

    This is great ! I would like to order two . I have a friend who’s mom is battling cancer . Then she her self just got news that she has pre cancer cells .

    • Laura says:

      Hey Maggie!

      Just send me their addresses and we will drop them in the mail. Hope you all are doing well!


  • Barbara Darius says:

    What you are experiencing as a family is priceless!!

    I have a good friend who has started chemo for breast cancer. I know one of these bracelets would give her so much hope especially being handmade by Avery & Leslie.

    This is Kristy Anderson’s mom & I would appreciate your sending a bracelet to: Debbie Hoffman, 32 Ford Ave., Latham, NY 12110

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  • Lisa Mills says:

    How can I get a few of these bracelets to give to people I know need a little encouragement? Is there a way to purchase them?