Fun with Tempera Paint: A review of Thin Stix

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As I have mentioned in previous posts, we LOVE arts and crafts on our boat. Art supplies take up a pretty large portion of our SMALL storage space, but I believe it is worth it because they provide entertainment and learning for the girls.  Recently, the Pencil Grip Company asked our crew to do a review on one of their new products, Thin Stix.   These are an upgrade to their previous product called Kwik Stix, which I also reviewed here.  They are solid tempera paints that are used like a pen, produce bold colors, and dry quickly.


There are a number of reasons that we like these paints and I find them a perfect alternative to paint, which can get pretty messy, especially when living in a small space on a sailboat that has pretty constant swaying when moving.  These paints are actually more like a marker in the way that you grip them so you can create more fine details in your pictures and they dry in 90 seconds.  This is such an added bonus since small hands want to handle their pictures very soon after they make them.  Now they only have to wait for a minute and half before heading out to hang them in their cabin!


Not only are they easy to use, but they also can be stored away easily.  We store many of our crafts and art supplies in pencil cases and these fit nicely into one.  We just painted on paper this week, but they can also be used on other surfaces such as cardboard or wood.  And they are non-toxic so perfectly safe for little ones!


The girls really enjoyed using them and liked how smoothly they slide over the paper.  Plus, you can mix the colors by sliding them over each other and they blend very nicely.  And I really liked that they were mess-free and clean up is very easy…just pop the top back on!



The crew of All In definitely recommends Thin Stix, especially to other boating families, because of the easy clean up, easy storage in small spaces, and the vibrant colors.  Just remember to wear old clothes or an apron because they are not washable as with most paints.  Thin Stix are available in 6, 12, and 24 packs of assorted, neon, and metalix colors.


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