Big News!!!

Sunday , 27, December 2015 2 Comments

Actually HUGE news!  After more than 7 months of crickets on this blog and many changes in life, we bought OUR boat.  It feels so exciting and scary at the same time and very weird to think that we have now taken a big leap.  We happened upon the perfect boat that had most all of what we were looking for in a cruising vessel for our little family about a month ago.  After negotiations, sea trial and survey, we reached an agreement on Christmas Day.  And to top it off, she is named “All In” which is the Clemson Tigers motto.  To us all the signs and stars were aligning, so here she is, our future home!


Many more pictures to come once we get her down to Beaufort and many more projects to come as well.  But for now we are basking in the the excitement of beginning our new adventure.

2 thoughts on “ : Big News!!!”
  • Awesome! We are launching in June and are in BIG TIME “get the house and everything sold” mode! I started the same piles – Boat, Trash, Sell, and Keep (we will have a very small storage room for memorabilia and a few prized possessions), but ended up with a pile called “I have no idea.” haha.

    We have two boys, 9 & 10. Look forward to following your adventures!

    • Laura says:


      It is always exciting to hear of other families that are on the same path we are at this time. I wish you the best of luck and hope to follow along with your adventures as well!


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