Cruising the Bahamas: West End to Green Turtle Cay

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After departing West End, we sailed around 50 miles across the Little Bahama Bank to Great Sale Cay, a little uninhabited island which had a great anchorage.  We decided to stay here two nights so we could explore the island.  We continue to be in awe of the color and clarity of the water and all the different beautiful shades of blue.  We were not disappointed with the amount of marine life that surrounded Great Sale…stingrays, turtles, sharks, barracuda, conch.  All of them right under the dingy or next to our legs as we waded through the water.  Bryan even caught a couple lobsters, but none of them were big enough to actually keep!    

Next stop was Fox Town, which is situated between lots of boulders but provides fairly good protection from the wind.  The town itself has been untouched by tourism.  We stopped in the one little general store and the girls got a lollipop and gave the owner a Blessing Bracelet.  We took the dinghy over to Hawksbill Cay, the island directly north of Fox Town and did a little shell hunting and found two beautiful sand dollars  

The next day, we pulled up anchor without the engines on and sailed off to our next anchorage which was at Allans Cay.  It was a beautiful sail and and an equally beautiful beach that we found on the other side of the island.  A short hike through the woods lead us to one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen.  The sand was so soft and the water so blue.  There was also a neat signing tree that past cruisers sign with their boat name and date.  We added our names and boat name to the tree and enjoyed a wonderful swim.  

We stayed an extra night at the anchorage in Allans Cay because the winds really picked up…we have learned to stay put if conditions look uncomfortable.  The next day we sailed on to Green Turtle Cay and tucked into Black Sound at the Leeward Yacht Club.  We have missed some islands that we wanted to see but hope to stop at on our way back through.  The little settlement of New Plymouth is on the south side of the Green Turtle Cay and is considered the sister city to Key West.  In the 1800’s the residents of Green Turtle took their houses apart and put them on barges heading to Key West seeking fortune in the US.  The bright colors of the homes and business are reminiscent of Key West.

We took full advantage of visiting the city by renting a golf cart one day.  We enjoyed riding around and visiting the different beaches, finding driftwood forts, drawing with sidewalk chalk, swimming in the marina pool, and finding a place for ice cream.  Our favorite location was Pineapples which hosted a tiki bar, grill, pool, beach, playground and picnic tables overlooking the Sea of Abaco….it was perfect!


We also took a dingy ride over to No Name and checked on the pigs on this island.  No one lives on the island but the pigs and we hear they get fed very well by tourists coming to see them!  Surprisingly, the girls were not interested in them.

We have also left five Blessing Bracelets along the way for others to find (West End, Great Sale Cay, Fox Town, Allans Cay, and Green Turtle Cay).  Tomorrow, we will move on to explore the rest of the Abaco…hoping to make it to Marsh Harbor, Guana Cay, Man-O-War, Hopetown, and any other little cays along the way.

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    What beautiful places and wonderful memories!

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