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As I look around our house, the amount of “stuff” we own is overwhelming and imagining going from an 1800 square foot house to a 30-40 foot boat is going to require some effort.  It is amazing what we have accumulated over the past years, especially now with two young daughters.  As I start to clean out drawers I have found some of the most pointless gadgets (a bagel slicer..really?), sets of china we never use, and countless serving ware.  The list can go on and on.  What is the purpose of all this stuff?

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While I know we can take our stuff to goodwill or give it away, which we probably will end up doing with what is left closer to our departure date, I would like to attempt to make a little money along the way. 

I figure if I begin now by listing items online we can start making some money and it feels like I’m moving in the right direction.  I listed my first items in the past couple months and days– some baby clothes, a juicer, DVD’s, old textbooks, and little household items (ie bagel slicer).  I started listing with Craigslist, but found Bookoo which is similar to craigslist but has some added features.



It is easier to search for items and pictures come on the screen immediately.  Plus, it tracks the number of people who view your items.  You can easily import your items from craigslist, making is a easy to have items listed on both sites.

As for textbooks, I was surprised at the money old college books could bring in, assuming a new editions have not been published.  Bookscouter is a site that made it easy to compare prices from multiple sites in order to get the most money.


Shipping is paid for by the company, so all you do is print out a prepaid mailing label making is very easy.

And for baby clothes, listing on a local mommy group through facebook as proved to be the best thus far.  The group is a closed so you must be invited, making is feel more secure and keeps any scams from being listed.

On all sites, I was surprised at the quick responses I received.  Now those items are out of my house and I have a little extra money in my pocket.  While it is a baby step and even slightly trivial in the amount of preparation that we must do over the next couple of years, it feels good that we are starting to move in the direction of downsizing and simplifying.

Selling our house will be the big step which seems scary at this time. So, for now we will begin by eliminating the “stuff” in the house which will also help fund our future boat!

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