Final Steps and Sneak Peek

Monday , 13, June 2016 3 Comments


I knew that the move from our house to the boat would be tough, but I had no idea exactly how mentally and physically exhausting it would be.  Moving in generally is hard to do, but to downsize from an 1800 square foot house to a 38 ft boat has been extra daunting.  Since we are not storing much and we have already made our storage trip to my dad’s house, every item I come across I must decide to keep or leave.  We take daily trips to the boat to move in all our items, but is still feels like there is so much to bring and storage is getting tight!!

I really wanted to get the girls cabin set up first, so they could transition to the new room.  I covered the walls with turquoise fabric and made a curtain to hide their toys in the front of their berth.  We had a custom made “play quilt” made that will cover the bed during the day to make it more into a “play” area.  I hung hammocks for their books and stuffed animals, and put contact paper in both their cubbies.  When Avery saw it for the first time, she said “Mommy, it is the cutest room ever”.  This made be feel so good.  I have wandered/worried about what the transition would be like for them and so far I have been amazed at their adaptability.

All the furniture is gone in the house and all the toys are on the boat.  We sleep in the house for one of the last times and the girls are sharing a mattress on the floor.  Instead of tantrums and whining, they chase each other around the house giggling and make up their own games in my now empty closest with bubble wrap and any other random things they could find around the house.  They are perfectly content without all the toys.  This gives me confidence that in the coming days that they will continue to adapt and meltdowns will be kept to a minimum… least I can hope.

Here is a sneak peak of my favorite parts of the boat so far….

The girls room has all their toys behind the curtain and a special place to pin their artwork.  So far, they have been very excited to be in their room!!



I have a picture of my mom, a devotional, journal, and keepsake from my mother in law at my bedside.  All are in basket my Aunt Pam gave me years ago and bring so much comfort. I know my mom will be with me for this journey.


We hung a basket in the in head with all our Turkish towels.  So far I have love these towels!


Above the spice rack, I hung a tile I bought in Antigua soon after we got married.  I hope we make it there again.


And to be completely real, here is an actual picture as we move aboard.   The salon is a mess, but slowly things are starting to find their place.


3 thoughts on “ : Final Steps and Sneak Peek”
  • Casey says:

    Wednesday? What time? Which dock?

  • Aunt Susan says:

    So excited for you on this journey!
    You have done a great job with the decor 😃
    Love you guys😍

  • Lawrence Anderson says:

    That’s the way a living room/kitchen should look!

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