Greenville, Spartanburg, and Newberry

Saturday , 26, October 2019 Comments Off on Greenville, Spartanburg, and Newberry

We went to a Clemson game (Clemson vs. Florida State) a couple weekends ago and decided to squeeze in a couple county stops during the weekend in the upstate. While we traveled through around a dozen or so different counties, we only made three official county stops.

County: Greenville

Attraction: Falls Park on the Reedy

Greenville County has a number of different attractions explore! When we come back through Greenville, I would like to check out the state parks and maybe do some camping.  Since we were heading to the Clemson football game on Saturday, we did not have much time, and decided to visit downtown Greenville in the morning prior to the game.  We stopped into Sully’s Steamers for a steamed bagel sandwich (which were delicious; perfect way to start a gameday) and then headed to Fall Park.  Greenville was having a fall festival so all the downtown roads were blocked off which made it nice to walk through the downtown area.  We ate our bagels in the 32 acre, Falls Park, which is located within the city making it rather unique. There is a suspension bridge (Liberty Bridge) we walked across to view the falls. On our way walking back through the city, we spotted one of the nine “mice on main”.   The city has nine little bronze mice scattered around the city and offers a scavenger hunt for kids to try to find them all. Greenville is such a beautiful town and I was impressed with all the shops and restaurants that lined the streets. I wish we had more time to spend exploring the city, but we needed to make our way to Clemson to cheer on the Tigers!

County: Spartanburg

Attraction: Downtown Spartanburg

The next day, we made our way to Spartanburg county.  As with Greenville, Spartanburg also offers some fun outdoor attractions, but it was raining, so we did not get too adventurous and headed downtown to check out the city of Spartanburg.  We ate breakfast at the Crepe Factory which was voted number one brunch spot in Spartanburg and did not disappoint.  The girls had never had crepes before so this was a new food experience and they loved them, especially since they were covered with nutella. After breakfast, we walked around downtown and found some fun metal bikes that were the same that we saw when were in on the boat and visiting the town of Fort Pierce in Florida.  As with Greenville, I would have liked to stay longer, however, we had a long drive ahead of us and the weather was not very good. Had it been open,we would have liked to visit the Spartanburg Science Center but we will have to save that for another visit.

County: Newberry

Attraction: Wells Japanese Garden and Newberry College

Our final stop on our way home, was Newberry County.  I struggled with finding something to do in this county but we ended up making two stops.  First, we visited Wells Japanese Garden, listed on the National Register of Historic places in 1980.  The garden has a couple bridges but unfortunately, has not been well maintained and was rather overgrown.  We passed Newberry College on our way into the town and decided to stop there on the way out.  We visited the stadium and the girls ran around and got out some energy before we hit the road back to Beaufort.

I believe our next stops will be within the Pee Dee region.  We would love some suggestions of attractions in this area if you have any!