Home Sweet Home

Thursday , 28, July 2016 1 Comment


We left Southport exactly three weeks ago.  While we awaited All In to get repaired, we traveled through 10 states in our little yellow rental car that actually grew on us.  Not only have we had the chance to see and experience some awesome places during this time, we have also been able to visit with  family.  We owe a huge thanks to a number of family members who have extended a hand during our temporary “homelessness”.

The Brennan family (Bryan’s aunt and uncle) in New Jersey offered their vacation home in Vermont and we took them up on their offer.  We traveled to New Jersey  (pit stop in Washington DC) to visit with them for a couple days before making it to Vermont.  While in New Jersey, the girls got to play with their cousins they have never met and swim in the pool.  It was such a nice visit and a great initial step to unwind from our travels.  We then drove to Vermont for a 9 day stay in Manchester.  We filled our days with picking blueberries, picnics, story walks, craft time at the library, farmers markets, breweries, making fly fishing rods at the museum, visiting a goat farm, and lots of playing outside.  Vermont is absolutely beautiful and we are so thankful for this opportunity to visit.  Thank you Brennan family!!!


We then drove back down to the south with a stop over in Harrisburg, PA.  We were only in Harrisburg for a day, but enjoyed the walking bridge to City Island and the downtown area which was covered in dinosaurs for an art exhibit.  We were welcomed in Fort Mill, SC by the Davenports (Bryan’s sister and family) for a week.  This was such a fun visit with the cousins and we got to celebrate Cori’s birthday!!!  The girls absolutely LOVE their three cousins, Ella, Cole, and Grant.  Not much entertaining is needed when we are with them since they all play together and make a mess together!!  It has been incredibly hot, so we could not play outside as much as we would like, but we still made the most of it by making a homemade slip n slide.


Upon returning to Southport, we did not exactly know what to expect.  I had terrible visions of awful smells, rodent dropping and cockroaches crawling around after being in the boat yard.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the boat just as we left it with no remnants of any creatures (at least yet!)  After one more night in a hotel, we were able to move back aboard, unpack, clean up, and be put back in the water.  It feels sooooo good to be back at home after three weeks on the road.


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  • Susan Wesley says:

    So glad you are back to enjoy your boat and your sailing adventures. Be safe and know that I love you all.

    Aunt Susan

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