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It’s been a year since I last posted on this blog and after reading the last blog post, I feel we are still pretty much on track, but definitely do not have all the plans in place.  So, here are just a few updates. foward

I ran that 5K that I had been training for and then continued on to run my first half-marathon.  Having the little milestones truly helped me build to even larger goals that I had not anticipated.

One of my first blog posts was about downsizing and I have continued on this path.  I have literally sold thousands of dollars worth of “stuff” and still have a house full of more stuff that needs to go.  Who knew that by getting rid of your things and not buying new things would actually make you so much happier.  Additionally we listed our house earlier this month, so hopefully we will be under contract at some point in the near future!

for sale

I have not been able to get on the sailboat as much as I hoped this summer, so this is an area that needs some work.  I’ve search through many different sites offering sailing lesson, certifications, ect. and have found that Teresa Carey over at Sailing Simplicity might be the way to go.  They offer week long expeditions and from the description their mindset matches what I’m looking for….not just learning to sail, but also how to live more simply. Next summer would be the earliest I could go, so more on this later.  We looked at some different boats this summer and have begun to narrow the list.  Bryan  is much more knowledgable in this department since he researches boats every night!

We have been able to get out on the water with the girls this summer, however, this has primarily been on the motor boat.  Once the weather cools down, we plan to starting using the sailboat more often.

Avery and Bryan sailing in off of Coosaw Island

Avery and Bryan sailing in off of Coosaw Island

We have adopted a frugal lifestyle and I LOVE IT!!!  While this type of lifestyle was originally out of necessity to make our cruising dreams come true, now I have fully embraced it and can’t imagine living any other way.  We constantly strive to find other ways to cut costs and live a simpler life.   We no longer have TV.  I thought I would miss this, but I really don’t.  It eliminates so many distractions.  I buy all my clothes and the girls clothes second hand.  It is amazing what good quality clothes you can find at literally 1/10th the original price.  We do not eat out.  With two little ones, this actually is not an enjoyable experience anyways.  We cook at home (actually Bryan cooks) using fresh food and creating new dishes.   I am constantly looking for new ways to reuse and repurpose items around the house and love the feeling this brings.  And we are always reassessing and analyzing our financial situation, making sure we are on track in the bank account!

So, for now I feel we are moving in the right direction.  Of course there is still so much to be done, but our commitment to this plan has not waviered over the last year and continues to intensify.  I hope we can start documenting our progress on this blog more often as the time narrows.


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