Making up for last week

Sunday , 1, February 2015 Leave a comment

After our attempted sail in heavy weather and big waves last week, I’ve been eager to get back out and enjoy a nice day on the water.  Today, we made it happen.  The winds were the perfect strength for our boat and steady, the water was small chop with no real waves, and the temperature was so warm that Laura and I got a sunburn……in February!

What made our sail today even better was that the girls both took a good nap in the cabin, so we actually got to SAIL, not a combination of sailing and parenting simultaneously.  The ‘parenting’ always takes precedence so the sailing gets put aside…most of the time for Laura, some of the time for both of us.  We’ve talked about this issue before, and we’re both OK with Laura entertaining the girls while I man the helm and sheets, but we also know that we need practice actually doing some sailing.

The wind was such that we only needed to bring out the genoa to about 100% (I think it is a 130% sail when it is fully unfurled).  The keel was cranked down and I have scraped off the rudder before we left.  So we were as hydro and aerodynamic as we could possibly be under the circumstances and I feel like we really did well.  The boat was moving quick!  The swing keel version of the Catalina 25 gives you an extra treat when the keel is down and you get moving at a decent speed…the keel cable begins to hum.  The faster you go, the higher pitch the hum.  Some are annoyed by it, but I actually really like it.  If you get to know the hum, it can almost act as a speedometer for you.

An added bonus today, however, was that we were followed by quite a few dolphin up and down the river, which doesn’t usually happen inshore that much.  We captured some of this on video, viewable here.

Surprisingly, we didn’t even fall victim to trying to get too much of a good thing.  We were enjoying ourselves so much, but turned and headed for Lucy Creek before the girls woke up.  As we dropped sail and cranked up the motor, the girls started to stir and Laura went below to play silly games on the cabin floor until I had us safely tied to the dock.  It was really a great day and helped to reconfirm our love of being on the water.  Sometimes, in the rhythm of everyday life with two kids and a job, we lose touch with those feelings.  It was really refreshing to feel them again.  On with the countdown to Summer 2016!

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