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Milestones In an attempt to train for an upcoming 5K, I have begun to set landmark milestones along my running route. I tell myself keep running to pond and then you can walk, or keep going to the brick entrance. This has actually been a successful tool for me and I will sometimes even continue to run past my landmark. It got me thinking that we need to have some milestones for our cruising journey–an outline of our plans and short-term goals that we want to meet. So here is a very simple start….

Year One (fall 2013-to-summer 2014)

  • Read, Read, Read—get as much knowledge from different books. I’m going to add a recommended reading section to this blog with books that have been recommended to us to read and then hopefully, after I read them, provide a short overview.
  • Practice with current boat (Catalina 25)-Go on a couple of overnight trips, get comfortable with the boat and take it out solo
  • Research different boats and start going to look at boats
  • Save money-continue on budget
  • Get the girls comfortable with being on the sailboat

Year Two (Summer 2014-summer 2015)

  • Continue reading and sailing–possibly taking a sailing course….
  • Share our plans with family
  • Teach the girls to swim
  •  Get serious with boat buying and purchase a boat at the end of this year (summer 2015)
  • Determine if we are going to sell the house, if so list the house. If not, start looking for renters.

Year Three (Summer 2015-2016)

  • Get boat ready for departure-summer of 2016
  • Figure out health insurance

Once we get further into this journey, I want to establish more solid goals for ourselves in different areas, such as financial, boat purchasing and sailing competency. But for now this is our rough outline. goals








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  • Gordo B says:

    Followed you here after seeing a post on CF. Just thought I’d relate some of our experiences. You’re starting younger and with babies, so we are not exactly the same. But then again, we have some things in common. After 45 we realized we’re half way through life, and feeling very much like it wasn’t going to get much better. We decided to reduce the clutter, DRASTICALLY, in all parts of our lives. We rented an apartment for our 18YO triplets, gave away 95% of our possessions, and moved aboard our boat. We don’t have the resources you do to just go, and I’m still paying for the apartment as long as the kids are in college. But just the extreme reduction of “stuff” and the need to maintain the “stuff” and get more “stuff” and the compact space we live in has truly made it a better life. In a few years when the kids are fully independent we will head out. For now we just enjoy lots of trips (I have a very flexible job) and each other and our simple life. Very simple! We don’t have a TV, we don’t have fancy cars, we don’t even belong to a yacht club 😉 We pretty much do what we want, within reason.

    My question to you is: Why wait so long? We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow…forget about 2 years!!!!


    • Laura says:

      Thanks for the comments Gordon. Good question…..why wait so long? I continue to ask myself this question everyday. There are actually two reasons for the wait. First, the ages of our girls, they are currently 1 and 2 years old. We wanted them to be slightly more independent when we leave. However, I have read numerous stories of families who are out there cruising right now with younger children. The second reason is finances (this is actually the larger reason). We need a couple more years of working in order to save the amount we feel we need to make it all possible.

      I completely understand the reduction of “stuff” and the feeling this can bring to your life. We are constantly eliminating the clutter in our lives. We also don’t have tv, no fancy cars, rarely eat out, ect. Living simpler has made us much happier!

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