Officially underway

Friday , 17, June 2016 Leave a comment

officially underway

We have officially released the bowlines!  We departed on June 15th as planned around 3:30 heading towards Edisto.  The day before leaving and the day we actually left was by far the my difficult in this journey so far.  The house seemed to grow extra things to get rid of and the loads to the boat never seemed to end.  Somehow everything fit into the boat and our house was finally empty.  All the feelings of anticipation, excitement, and anxiety leading up to our actually departure created a very strange feeling.  I am still in shock this day finally arrived.  

Here’s a quick synopsis of our departure…..Once underway, both of the girls passed out asleep.  They played hard with their cousins for the past couple of days and were ready for a nap.  


This left Bryan and I time to process that we had, in fact, made the goal we set out for 3 years ago….we are officially a cruising family. While basking in the feelings of accomplishment, a storm snuck up on us and we were quickly humbled back down!!  This storm came out of nowhere and was fierce right at the time we were attempting to anchor at 7 or so.  By the time the storm passed and we set the anchor, it was late….much later then we want to anchor in the future.   Thanks to Bryan’s mom we had plenty of groceries for dinner.  The girls slept pretty well (at least on child slept in their own bed all night)!

We got up early and headed to Charleston around 6:30 am.  At some point during this transit, our head became clogged and we are now at point of trying to find a solution for this unpleasant problem.  So, on day 2 we encountered our first MAJOR problem and are currently without a potty…..hoping we figure out a solution soon!!!!!


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