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bryanBryan is a fun loving and outgoing person who is a fast learner and problem solver.  He stays calm in challenging situations and doesn’t mind taking it slow, skills that are very useful as captain of All In.  He respects the ocean for its beauty and potential power.  He has taught high school social studies and coached football for the past 13 years.  He enjoys playing golf, boating (of course), fishing, and spending time with his family.

IMG_1950Laura is a strong, caring, and committed person who is motivated to accomplish goals in the face of doubt and adversity.  She enjoys running and reading and crafts, but she cherishes time with her family above all else.  Laura is a school pyschologist by trade, but is always interested in acquiring new professional, personal, and leisure skills.  She is every bit as excited about a cruising lifestyle as her husband, which appears to be a rarity among sailing wives.

DSC_0233Avery has been coming on the water with us since she was just a few weeks old and loves to help Daddy drive whenever possible.  She has no problem wearing a life jacket, gets excited about marine animals, and loves to go to the sandbar.  Avery can be so helpful and kind to her little sister who she loves very much.  She is now an energetic, fun, happy, and sweet little girl who is going to adapt well to living on a boat.

leslieLeslie is hilarious and brave and confident.  She’s caught up quickly to her big sister in so many ways and has become Avery’s best friend.  She is very loving to the people that she knows and very friendly to the people that she doesn’t, regularly waving and saying hello to perfect strangers.  I can envision her riding the waves from the tip of the bow while at sea and meeting people and playing with friends while we are docked.

Hunter Wynne is our newest crew member.  She is a happy little one year old who loves being around her sisters.  She want to do anything the “big” girls are doing.  She is easy going, very curious, and a quick learner.

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