Road Trip

Friday , 8, July 2016 1 Comment

homeless After pulling into Southport at the last minute and having All In hauled out, we awaited the news of the repairs and the amount of time the repairs would take.  It turns out we need a new rudder which has to be custom made and will take about 3 weeks.  One of the disadvantages of a spade rudder is that it can be exposed and damaged more easily than, say, a keel mounted style.


Southport is a beautiful “all american” town.  Everything is in walking distance and we even found a condo right between the boat yard and the town.     However, we cannot stay here for 3 weeks, so we found ourselves contemplating what to do.  The boat yard does not allow owners to stay on their boats and honestly I do not think I would want to.  The climb up and down the ladder seems a little to perilous for the girls.


I have never lived one day to the next like this…..truly not knowing what the next day holds or where we will find ourselves.  While at first it seems rather scary, now I am becoming accustomed to it and excited about how each day ahead may unfold.  I have everything that is important to me to with me right now.  So, after weighing all our options, we decided to take a road trip.  Bryan’s aunt graciously offered a house in Vermont that was not being used and we figured why not?  We have three weeks ahead of us until our home will be ready and we have never been to Vermont.   We secured the boat, packed our bags and headed out to rent a car.  When we arrived at Enterprise, they had no cars available (we called ahead and were told that there would be plenty of cars!).  Thankfully, Hertz is right down the road and there was one car left, a bright yellow Kia.  For the next two weeks our feet will be planted firmly on the ground and this will be our ride!!  I’m excited to see what the next chapter will hold for our family!















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