Slowing Down and Soaking it All In

Thursday , 4, May 2017 2 Comments

We are finally here….in the place we dreamed of and doing what we dreamed of doing four years ago.  I have worked on slowing down this entire year.  This has been tough for me and my mind that is constantly moving with different ideas and thoughts and always wanting to be doing “something”.   On the go, chasing after something, feeling productive, helping others, and above all being a mother and wife.  It is sinking in and I am slowing down.  Days of jumping in the crystal clear water, diving down to explore the ocean bottom, seeing sea life all around us, walking on powdery sand beaches….all while my family surrounds me is starting to come to an end.  Taking in the fresh air, the beautiful views, and the giggles of my children, however, will continue.

Learning to live each day in each moment is one of the biggest lessons I will take with me from this time we have spent in the Bahamas.  Every day is a precious treasure that is given to us and slowing down is the only way to truly take it in without living with regret of the time you rushed through and forgot.  Off course, life will not always be a dreamy tropical paradise making it easy to slow down and soak in the surroundings and the moments.  “Normal” life will begin again for our family at some point, and the tropical ocean breezes will no longer flow through our boat at night and the spectacular water and views will not be at our backdoor.   But I will for sure always remember to stop and take in each day as it is and live each second when it comes….hugging my girls, reading books, going to a job, fixing dinner, washing clothes….there is happiness to be found in all these things.  

We have still had daily struggles while here in the Bahamas…constantly watching the weather, living in close quarters (a future post), feelings of isolation at times, whiny children, a messy boat that never seems to get clean, dirty laundry that I can’t seem to get clean in a bucket, saying bye to friends we have met, and dealing with uncomfortable sea states at times.  Not to mention the typical boat life of water and power conservation.  However these times have built our family structure stronger and we continue to soak the good times and the bad times.  When you really slow down and observe your surroundings, you can learn from the good times and bad times.  The broken rudder, difficult passages, the impatience that comes with waiting for weather….and reflect on our previous life, making us want to keep the freedom and family time that we have created for ourselves by making every decision based on a dream.

As we prepare to cross back over to the states and travel up the east coast closing out our first year of cruising, I hope my children will have also learned from this experience. I realize they are probably too young to remember the places that we have been but I hope they remember the time we had together as a family of four. And above all, I want them to know that dreams can become reality, hard work pays off, and anything is possible.  Looking forward to see what the next year holds for us.


2 thoughts on “ : Slowing Down and Soaking it All In”
  • Susan Wesley says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family!

    Your family is glad you are headed back to be closer!!

    Safe sailing!
    Love you,
    Aunt Susan

  • scott hitt says:

    well done! time is the non-renewable resource. once is all we get on this “blue marble” spend it well in all of your endeavors. they WILL remember the time….

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