Staying put and hanging out

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Since beginning our cruising life seven months ago (I can’t believe it has already been 7 months), we have yet to stay in a stationary position while continuing to live aboard for more than a few days.  While the boat underwent the rudder replacement in Southport, we left on a road trip and when we were back in Beaufort in November, we spent many nights on land with family and friends.  Since arriving to Marathon, we have been off the boat for a couple nights.  We were fortunate to have a wonderful visit from grandparents a few days after we arrived and stayed at Tranquility Bay Resort with them.  We swam in the pool, sipped cocktails at the Tiki Bar, watched Clemson win the National Championship and relaxed!!  It was such a nice time.


Now we are settling into a liveaboard life in a stationary location for a little while which is a nice change of pace from constantly moving. When we arrived to Boot Key Harbor in Marathon, we put our name on a waiting list for a mooring ball and just received our ball (A-17) a couple days ago (just in time for the 50 mph winds we had last night!!)  Boot Key Harbor is set up with all the amenities that cruisers need and want….it is sort of like a mini retirement community in a way with all the activities going on.  Every morning at 9, you can tune into the cruisers net and learn about activities for the day or week, as well as get help if you need something or try to sell/but boat items.  They even have a community garden that you can pick herbs and veggies from…..Avery picked a keylime the other day which later garnished our beers!!

The Dingy Dock

The Dingy Dock

So what do we do all day?

Our pace of life has slowed down significantly…..possibly boring to some people and it has taken me a little while to adjust since my mind has a difficult time slowing down.  We do the typical “chores” of laundry, showers, taking out trash, filling up water, washing dishes, and provisioning.  The playground is next door to the marina at the community park, so we make it there pretty much daily and the library is also within walking distance.  Sombrero Beach is just a dinghy ride away, so we spend afternoons at the beach.  


I have been doing some “boat school” with the girls and we are trying to learn some Spanish phrases, as well as continuing basic literacy and math activities.  Of course, we continue crafting and painting and joined in on a 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge that end on February 14th.  We are tracking our acts of kindness with a paper linked chain which “decorates” the boat!  


We have been doing some boat projects which have taken up some time.  Our Tank Tender system is now installed, so we know how much fuel is in the gas tank and water in the water tank by looking at a gauge at the navigation station.  This project required the boat getting ripped apart to install the lines.  Our next project will be insulating the refrigerator.


In the evenings, Avery enjoys swinging in the bosun chair…..Leslie is still not sure about how she feels about it.  Bryan has been entertaining us with playing the guitar and we read lots of books.
The cruisers meet for a Sunday brunch that was delicious last week and I go to yoga three times a week in the community park.  Bryan wants to play in the softball league but he is still tending to his herniated disc.  The community park hosts lots of family friendly events like the Celtic festival, Family Fun Fest, Movie in the Park, etc. and there is a homeschool PE group that meets on Tuesdays.  There many other cruising families here…our mooring ball is actually between two other families!!!  


We have lots of other activities that we plan doing soon such as the Dolphin Research Center (thanks Rachel and Chris for the membership!!), lobster diving, Pigeon Key, and Crane Point Park before we head on to our next destination (still to be determined).

So that is about it….no unexpected adventures….life is good (except when the girls are whining or fighting!)


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  • Aunt Susan says:

    Never a dull moment! Glad you are enjoying your new found freedom!!

    Love and miss you!!

    Aunt Susan

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