T-10 days

Monday , 6, June 2016 1 Comment


So, what does a family do when they have ten days left to move aboard their 38 ft. sailboat?

Our days have been spent taking items to the dump, giving away things, selling things, and virtually cleaning out the entire house of all our possessions…keeping just a few that will move with us to the boat.  Additionally, paperwork like finalizing insurance, health care concerns, and making sure we have all appropriate documentation has been filling our days.  We are also selling our cars and fostering our dogs, so all loose ends are in their final stages of being tied up. The girls are finishing out their last week of daycare, so at least we have the time to do all the necessary and time-consuming items.  The current state of our house is rather dismal as we move everything around….


I also distract myself with little side projects like labeling things that really need no label but it make it feel “pretty” to me and putting together learning kits for the girls.  I have focused on collected different items that I can use daily with them to make sure they will be on track for kindergarten and beyond!!  However, I hope most of their learning comes from the experiences we have as a family over the next year or two.

learningkits I will not lie and say anxiety does not creep in, but when I spend time on the boat making it our home and learn about all the different systems on the boat, these feelings subsides and I know we are doing the right thing for us and I get overly excited.  We spent our 10th anniversary on the boat sailing (actually motoring because their was no wind) to Dataw Marina to get fuel, water, and a pump out.  We had lunch and a drink at the marina and I could not think of another way I would want to celebrate this special day.   I have also been fortunate enough to start connecting with other liveaboard families that we plan to meet up with along the way.  As the next nine days tick away, we hope to continue to make the boat our home and spend time with friends and family.

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  • Herb Seaton says:

    Contact me about your Freedom Inverter 25 if it’s not sold. If it is, I wish you well and admire your spirit. I’m 75 and know what you’re going through. I’m moving on my boat next week too only difference is I’m single! If you ever pass Tarpon Springs contact me as I’m the Harbor Host for AGLCA. I’m starting the Loop next March.

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