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The last month has been a whirlwind of transition for our family.  While we are all very excited about our future plans, it has also been challenging readjusting to life on land.  For the last year, we have lived as a family unit in our floating home having lots of new experiences and having time […]

From Green Turtle Cay, we made the passage through the “Whale,” which requires more than normal weather planning, since you make your way slightly into the the ocean and then around Whale Cay back into the protected waters of the Sea of Abaco.  For this passage we encountered some of our biggest swells we have […]

As our family navigates through cruising life, I believe we have a guardian angel looking down on us and guiding us through each challenge and success.  I do not believe the “chance” encounters we’ve had with complete strangers and good Samaritans are merely coincidences, but instead signs from above…. My mother passed away on August […]

I was not raised on the water and my experience prior to moving to Beaufort was occasional trips to Lake Lanier to rent a pontoon boat or jet ski.  So, sailing is not in my background, however, once moving to Beaufort, the water became part of my everyday life.  We lived on a rural island […]

When we first made the commitment to our live aboard dream three years ago, we had a 1 year old and I was 7 months pregnant.  We did not have the exact plans, but a vision of what we wanted, so we began the process of saving, downsizing, and making all decisions based on achieving […]