The secret is out!

Monday , 23, March 2015 Leave a comment

I very much want to share my excitement about our plans with  friends and family,  since we have been keeping it a secret over the past two years. It consumes my thoughts everyday and EVERY decision we make is based on making our dream a reality.  This makes it very hard not to talk about it with family and friends.  It feels similar to being pregnant and not being able to tell anyone until after the first trimester.  I know our friends and family must think it odd that our house is on the market, yet we are not actively searching for another house or question why I am continuously selling many of our items.

Sharing our plans has been a big step in our overall planning, or at least I thought it was and has been on the list of “things to do”.  I’ve been feeling the anxiety build in me over the past couple months and felt the need to tell my dad soon.  So, last week I made the plunge.  In actuality it was sort of anticlimactic and I think I was building it into something far bigger.  While he did not give his full pledged support, which I knew he would not, he did not completely shut down the conversation.  Words such as “confused”, “why”, “what about the girls”, and “irresponsible” were mentioned a number of times.  My dad is VERY traditional and  this type of lifestyle is literal is out of his realm of thinking.  He is of course concerned about safety issues, and because he knows absolutely nothing about the cruising lifestyle, these concerns seem to bounce around from what type of life would we be providing our girls with “no roof over their head”  to why would you quit a perfectly good job to potential drug smugglers.

While I know he is very confused at this time, I hope we can have open conversation in the future and he will become more accepting of our plans.  I’m not sure he knows how firm we are in making all this happen and the mindset we have developed over the past two years.  Bryan and I have shared this dream together and continue to build each other up everyday towards our next steps.  So, for now I will let the idea settle in with my dad and cross my fingers that he will open up to further conversation.  Next step it to start telling our friends.

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