Tips from Cruising Families

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As I’ve searched the internet, I’m always on the look out for stories of cruising families.  I think having kids while cruising adds a different perspective and different challenges to the cruising lifestyle.   I feel we can gain tips and inspiration from these families who have done, or are currently doing, the same thing we are working towards.  It is interesting to see how they started, the ages of their kids, advice, and the places they have cruised.  As I have searched deeper, it has actually surprised me how many families I am finding and the wealth of information they provide on their blogs.  The age the children spans from infant to teenager.  Our girls will be 3 and 4 when we depart so I’m especially interested in families with children these ages.  The S/V Wondertime, S/V Totem, S/V Rebel Heart , S/V Asante, S/V Ganymede, and S/V Del Viento are all boating families that have caught my eye in the last month.  While some of them are back on land and others are still cruising, they all seem to offer some advice and experience in getting starting.  CruiserForum has also provided a wealth of information.

The following is a limited list thus far.  As we edge closer, I want to lengthen this list and get more in depth on certain topics such as finances, skills needed, insurance, safety, kids, ect.

  • Don’t buy a boat too soon before you depart
  • Save as much as you can before you leave for retirement
  • Read The Cruising Life: A Commonsense Guide for the Would-Be Voyager by Jim Trefethen
  • Know when to quit and just go—you will never have enough
  • Overcome fear and stop thinking of the “what if’s”
  • Get disciplined about saving and money
  • Get rid of debt, buy a modest boat, live aboard, and save like crazy
  • Ignore people who say what you want is impossible
  • Accept risk
  • Spend time on the boat with the kids before fully commiting
  • Join Women who sail on Facebook
  • Install Safety netting and safety harness (Burkes kids safety harness)
  • Read “Kids in the Cockpit”
  • Jacket recommendations: Stonlquist Nemo or Mustang
  • Define which parent is “on duty”
  • Set rules for life jacket use
  • Give kids ownership and their own space
  • Regarding size of boat: 30 ft for the first two people and 6 feet for each additional person




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