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Saturday , 10, September 2016 3 Comments


Travel days can be draining on the whole family, especially in the summer heat and in waters that require someone to constantly man the helm.  When we first started out, I tried to keep a “routine” during these days of having boat school, crafts, playing, and so on.  I soon found this does not work for our family.  I was exhausted and irritable at the end of the day and the girls were whiny. Travel days were starting to turn into dreaded days that no one was looking forward to.  I think I was planning too many things and no one was getting enjoyment out of it, plus did I mention the heat?  It was still is brutal and zapping everyone’s energy.  We all just wanted to sit in front of the fan.  So, it was time to change it up.

Now, we have a travel day fairy that comes the night before long travel days.  The fairy takes the girls’ toys and arranges them nicely on the table and brings out special snacks and movies.  One time, the fairy made a car wash out of their legos, another time paints were set out.   Instead of having a “planned” day, the girls are able to eat snacks, watch movies, play with toys, and generally do what they want (within reason).  Boy, has this made a HUGE difference.  The day starts out on a really positive note and everyone is much happier.  Sibling fighting is kept at a minimum and the overall mood of our family has improved.


Avery woke up the other morning and exclaimed, “Mommy, the travel day fairy came!!  She left us treats (popcorn)!  And she did the dishes for you!”

The expression on her face was priceless!  It was just like Christmas morning, except there were no new toys, just rearranging their own toys.  Now we look forward to travel days and learning about the new place we will be visiting.  Of course, the boat is a mess at the end of the day but we have happy kids which makes a happy mommy!!


3 thoughts on “ : Travel Days”
  • Steve and betty says:

    Interested in where you now are? Last saw and met you in Reedville.. Hope you enjoyed the photos I snapped of your ice cream faced daughters!? Thanks!

    Could I have your Facebook identity?

  • Aunt Susan says:

    That’s my creative niece 😍
    Enjoy! Praying for happy sailing and blue skies . Love you!

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