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With the start of 2016 much work and anticipation looms in front of us.  The purchase of the boat is done.  Now, we need to get our new home s/v All In from Little River, South Carolina to Beaufort, South Carolina.  I really want the boat here NOW.  I want to explore and start checking out all parts of our future home.  The current plan is for Bryan to bring her home in a couple weeks.  We have already arranged a dock slip down the street from our house which is AWESOME for the many trips back and forth we will be making in the future.

In the meantime, the downsizing has been pushed into high gear.  While I thought I had been selling and cleaning out all different areas of our house over the past 3 years, I continue to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we have accumulated.  I started a new system of boxes labeled “Boat”, “Giveaway”, and “Sell”.  Additionally, I have also packed some small containers with “Keep” items which we will be storing at my dad’s house.


In addition to the continuation of downsizing, the house will be listed the first of February.  This creates another “To do list” on things that must be done before putting the house on the market.  However, our hope is that the house will sell relatively fast…..fingers crossed.  We also need to get our townhouse(rental property) rented out which will be a part of our income while we are cruising and has been vacant over the past three month.  We think we might have found the “right” tenant and this will be a huge thing to cross of the list if it all works out!!

Our sailing library is starting to expand and I was excited to receive in the mail “Voyaging with Kids”.  I can already tell this will be a sailing “must have” for us.  It has  answered or at least provided insight on some of my many questions that swirl in my mind daily.


It still continues to feel surreal that this year, 2016, has finally arrived.  It was about three years ago we began to make the initial steps of putting our dream into a reality, and the departure year is finally upon us.  I can’t wait for the adventure that 2016 will bring for our family.


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  • Oops! I think I commented on the wrong post! 🙂
    Still excited for you…

  • Hello,

    My name is Crissa Boyink – my husband Mike and I run the DitchingSuburbia website:

    We wanted to reach out and let you know that we’ve listed you on a blogroll in our resources section:

    We are very interested in reading your journey to your full-time boating life. We’re hoping to send more readers your way, too.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much Crissa! We hope to be updating our blog more frequently in the near future as our full-time boating life in just months away!!


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