Worth the Risk?

Friday , 9, August 2013 Leave a comment

thCA9NFJO3 When you think about selling all your belongings, quitting your job, and taking your family to live aboard a sailboat there seems to be a lot of risk involved.  But what is riskier….continuing your normal life hoping the right time comes to chase after your dream or going after it now?

I probably would not be asking these questions, but the passing of my mother exactly five years ago changed much of  my mindset.  She was relatively young, 54, and in pretty good shape when she received the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.  A short 10 months later, she passed away.  While my mother did many things in her life and had great travels, she was still waiting for the coveted time of retirement to do some of the things she really wanted to do.  Of course she is not the only person who thinks like this, it is actually they way of life for most Americans.  Work really hard when you are young, so you can retire and really start living the life you dream of when you are older.  But who is to say we are assured this time when we get older?

Isn’t living like this more risky then going after your dreams now while you are still young and healthy?

There are definitely going to be some challenges to overcome as we move forward with this sailing adventure at this time in our life (i.e finances, raising two young girls on a boat, and many more I have yet to discover!!).   However, at least I know I’m following my mom’s advice she left in a letter I found after she passed away—-“follow your dreams now while you are young.  You have plenty of time to rest in your older age.”




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