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I was not raised on the water and my experience prior to moving to Beaufort was occasional trips to Lake Lanier to rent a pontoon boat or jet ski.  So, sailing is not in my background, however, once moving to Beaufort, the water became part of my everyday life.  We lived on a rural island called Coosaw Island.  We were across the street from the Coosaw River and ¼ mile away from a community dock.  Before we even had a boat, we had a boat slip and would go down and sit at it with our crab trap.  My father in law filled that slip not too long after with a Precision 21.  Bryan asked me to marry him on this boat and our first big purchase as a couple 9 months after we got married was our Key West motor boat.  This boat provided such fun and memorable times in Beaufort.  The love of the water and sailing only grew over the next 10 years living in Beaufort and the idea of living on a boat was first planted in my head after cruising for a week in the Dodeconese Islands in Greece and later in the BVI.  Boating was such a part of my soul, that I cried when the new owners towed our motor boat out of our yard.


Despite all of this, I feel very embarrassed that I know very little about boats and wish I had taken more initiative to learn while we had access to smaller boats in smaller bodies of water and especially prior to having children.  But, no need to live in regret, but to begin to take action!

In VERY simplistic terms, sailboat cruising can be divided into three different categories.  My focus has been more on #3, while Bryan is becoming more proficient in #1 and #2.

  • The general maintenance of the boat which includes mechanical and electrical systems and waste and fresh water.
  • Sailing and navigating the boat.
  • And learning to “live” on a sailboat which includes learning to be efficient and comfortable. And learning to do everyday tasks in an efficient and smart manner, such as laundry, dishes, and organizing.

As we have finally settled into the “living on the boat”, I am excited to take more of an equal role in some of the other areas of cruising. Like most things that are a new experience, they can be challenging at first.  Today was my first day not only docking the boat, but also at the helm of the boat during our passage from Oriental to Beaufort, NC.  This is a short distance, but a storm seemed to follow us down the waterway.  While it was challenging (mostly docking), I enjoyed every minute of this trek including getting soaked in rain.


I have found that I love most challenges in my life, maybe not at first but in the end, the feeling of accomplishment is an unmatched feeling.   We are now safely tucked into Beaufort for the next couple days and I’m eagerly awaiting more experience and becoming more comfortable with maneuvering our boat!





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  • Eddie Anderson says:

    What an amazing, adventurous family you are!

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