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Since back in Beaufort it has been a whirlwind of comings and goings for our family.  Between a short term job, visiting with friends and family, and prepping the boat, we’ve been super busy.

All In was stuck between fixed bridges because of the rapidly rising flood waters for almost two weeks in Myrtle Beach. Needless to say, this put an extreme halt to our plans and we needed to re-adjust once a again. So, we went back to Sumter to hang with family while we waited. After it was apparent it would be longer than a few days, we headed to Beaufort.  Time was ticking down to a consulting job that I took in the upstate of South Carolina, so I needed to start prepping.  Plus, Papa and Grandma Julia had not seen us since June and wanted to come visit while we were in Beaufort.   Unfortunately, during this time, we also found out that Bryan has a herniated disc in his back so this might complicate some things in the future.  For now, he is going to physical therapy and we are hoping this will cure the pain to avoid potential surgery.

Thankfully, we have been able to stay in Bryan’s parents’ townhouse until we were able to get the boat to Beaufort.  Finally, after two weeks, the flood water began to recede and it was time to get our home down to Beaufort.  We could not have asked for better people to be watching after the boat while it was stuck…..Pete and Jim were a godsend and we will be forever grateful for the kindness towards us and and our unpredictable situation.  Bryan’s dad (Steve) decided to hop on to complete the last leg of the trip (Myrtle Beach to Beaufort) while I stayed in Beaufort with the girls and my family.  This was the first time in 4 months that our family unit of 4 had been split up from each other.  After three days, Bryan and Steve arrived in Beaufort and safely docked All In at the Lady’s Island Marina where we will stay until the middle of November.

In the last week and half, Bryan traveled to Tallahassee to catch the Clemson vs Florida State Game and I have traveled to McCormick County to implement a parenting program AND the girls have been reunited with some of their friends at their old preschool.


We have also met up with some other cruising families who are either staying at the same marina or passing through on their way south.   It has certainly been a time of rushing around and reminiscent of our old life, especially since we are right down the street from where we used to live in Beaufort.  It has been wonderful to meet up with friends and family while we are here.  But we are ready to get back into the rhythm of our cruising life.  In the next week, we will be back onboard the boat full-time and working hard on boat projects while continuing to catch up with friends.  The boat has turned into a bit of a mess with all the projects on the list!

Yikes! Lots of work to do.

Yikes! Lots of work to do.






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