Cruising the Abaco…continued

Monday , 8, May 2017 Leave a comment

After leaving Elbow Cay, we stopped back by Marsh Harbor to re-provision (have I mentioned how bad I am at provisioning) and do some laundry (bucket laundry just doesn’t cut it sometimes).  We encountered the only rainy and stormy day we had in the Bahamas so it was perfect for getting boat chores done and movie day for the girls.  We were able to meet back up with our friends and say good bye after one more pool and playground day and then we headed to Man-o-War.

Man-O-War is a settlement that revolves around boat building.  The island is pretty small and we were able to walk the streets and again experience the beautiful bright pastel colors of the houses.  I was even able to pick up a few fabric scraps to remind me of these beautiful colors and hopefully inspire some creative thoughts in the future! There was a small woodworking shop in the town and the owner gave the girls little boats made from coconut shells.  

It is election time in the Bahamas so we also got to witness a candidate going door to door soliciting support.  I also snapped a picture of a blackseed cotton bush (thanks Melanie for the identification!) and learned that it was brought to the islands by the southern loyalist that settled these island.  On Man-O-War it was primarily  used to make caulking used in the boats they built.  Always fun to learn little bits of history.

After leaving Man-O-War, we made our way to Great Guana Cay, another small island, however, an island that has lots of growth due to the rich and famous building vacation homes.  Our favorite spot here was Nippers…a restaurant on the beach with a two story pool, restaurant and bar.  We ate, swam, and snorkeled before making the way back to the boat where Bryan prepared delicious stuffed peppers…did I mention that he is not only the captain but also the cook on our boat?

The next passage was around Whale Cay again requiring a good sea state that happened to be ideal the next day, so we took the opportunity and made our way back to Green Turtle Cay.  It was at this point that our time in the Bahamas started to feel like it was starting to come to an end.  We spent the evening at Pineapples, one of our favorites from our first time through…the girls played on the beach with the families dog, Carolina, finding conch shells and swinging on the swing while watching a beautiful sunset.

The next day we filled up our water and diesel tanks and made our way to Manjack Cay right next to Green Turtle Cay.  Our time spent here was with friends that we meet back in Hopetown….more beaches and swimming plus fun times playing with other kids!!  Manjack Cay was a very unique place, which had a “cruisers” beach which picnic tables, hammocks, sunfish, roosters, and other oddities that were left by past cruisers for future use.  After about a mile hike across the island through lots of poisonwood trees and crossing paths with a naked man (guess he thought he would not run across other people), we made our way to the ocean beach.  The kids played and the adults conversed….fun times for all.  Back at the boat, Avery spotted a starfish while swimming around the boat (without goggles, the water was so clear).  I loved Manjack Cay…another idyllic Bahamian island.  From there our “relaxed” cruising time was done and it was “go” time to start looking at the weather for perfect crossing conditions.

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