Jasper and Hampton

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County: Jasper

Point of Interest: Sergeant Jasper County Park

Jasper County is located right next to Beaufort County off of interstate 95, so we did not have far to travel. This 321 acre park has many different ponds that you can fish. It happened to be Father’s Day on the day of our visit, so it was enjoyable for Bryan to be able to fish with his two older girls. We first checked out the playground and then headed down a path to one ponds. There are definitely alligators in the ponds as evidenced by the many signs, so we kept a good lookout as we walked. We found a pond that did not look quite so swampy and cast the lines. Luckily, Avery caught a brim so I consider the fishing trip a success. Another attraction of this park, is the 18 hole disc golf course which we did not try but seemed to attract a number of people.

County: Hampton

Point of Interest: Hampton County Watermelon Festival

Hampton County is also located pretty close to Beaufort.  During a week in June every year they have a Watermelon Festival that is actually the longest standing festival in the state of South Carolina with the first one being held in 1939. They have an entire week of events that include a fishing contest, pet contest, parade, kids day, carnival, movie night, tractor contest, 5K, melon judging, pageants, lots of live entertainment, and an arts and crafts contest. The whole town really gets into the watermelon spirit and residents decorate their yards and businesses decorate the windows of their stores with watermelons.

The girls entered the craft contest and made watermelon pieces of art–Avery made a clothes pin wreath and Leslie made a papermache bowl. They came in 1st and 2nd place!! They were very excited and received a ribbon as their prize and we then enjoyed some pieces of watermelon in the park.

On our way home from Hampton we made stop in Beaufort County, at Old Sheldon Church. The church as been burned down twice, but the ruins still stand today. It was interesting to walk through the grounds and admire the beautiful church and read the dates on the old graves that go back to the 1700’s. Unfortunately there is now a fence around the church due to vandalism.

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  • Scott says:

    Goodonyas…time well spent!

  • Jimmie Bolig says:

    That is so awesome !! Sounds like a “great” time was had by all. Congrats to the girls on their creations. Jim & Debbie

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