Laurens, Pickens, and Oconee

Tuesday , 9, July 2019 3 Comments

We recently spent the July 4th holiday in the mountains of North Georgia and passed through about dozen South Carolina counties on our way. We only were able to make three quick county stops in the upstate. We were lucky to have our friends and travel buddies with us for these three stops!

County: Laurens

Point of Interest: Gentry Farms

Our first stop was at Gentry Farms located not too far off I385 in Laurens County. This family owned farm offers u pick blueberries during June through August. They also grow pecans and scuppernongs during the other times of the year. We pulled up and all the kids picked up a gallon bucket and we headed out to pick blueberries. There were tons of blueberry bushes on the farm, all organic, only water used to grow them. It was rather hot, so we did not spend lots of time picking but filled up a quarter of a bucket which only cost $2. What a deal!!!

County: Pickens

Point of Interest: Clemson University and South Carolina Botanical Garden

Next stop was Clemson University where Bryan and I met and graduated from college. Also home of the 2018 College Football National Champions! I always love going back to Clemson and it is especially fun now to share our love for our college with our girls. We drove by and showed the girls where we first met and off course checked out the football stadium. Looking forward to heading back up to Clemson in the fall for a game.

We also drove through the South Carolina Botanical Gardens that is located on campus. On our drive up, we worked on an activity packet about the SC Botanical Gardens that was created by a local girl scout. We learned fun facts, did word searches, and match birds nests to the correct bird. Once in the gardens we walked through the butterfly garden and visited a pond with many turtles and fish. As with our previous stop in Laurens, it was hot, so we did not do too much walking around.

County: Oconee

Point of Interest: Issaqueena Falls and Stumphouse Tunnel

Oconee County has quite a bit to offer in the way of trails and waterfalls. In fact there are around 80 trails on the SC trails website and over 150 different waterfalls. During our last year in college at Clemson, Bryan and I started to get into hiking and visited many of these waterfalls. The girls may be ready for some of the hiking, but Hunter is not quite there yet, so we visited a very easy to access waterfall, Issaqueena Falls. It is a 100 foot waterfall with a nice lookout area.

Located just up the mountain is Stumphouse Tunnel. This tunnel is an incomplete railroad that you can walk into. It was a little scary for the kids because it does get rather dark and very cool. It was used by Clemson University to grow blue cheese in the 1950’s and 60’s because of the perfect temperature for curing blue cheese.

Next stops will be back towards the Midlands!

3 thoughts on “ : Laurens, Pickens, and Oconee”
  • Susan P Wesley says:

    I love the photo taken at the Clemson stadium. You met there and now have 3 beautiful girls.

    Love you,
    Aunt Susan

  • Suzy Baker says:

    I want to be reincarnated a Merrick kid! We are enjoying your summer adventures. Fun to meet Hunter. Another beautiful girly girl💓 There were four families we really enjoyed getting to know during our time on the water. All In was one of the four.

    • Laura says:

      Suzy, So good to hear from you!! I hope you and Michael are doing well. We also really enjoyed our time with you both and your wonderful hospitality in St. Mary’s while on our cruising adventure.

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