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Let me preface this post by saying we try to pick the very best days to travel and limit our number of miles per day, so the girls can get off the boat and expel our their 3 and 4 year old energy.  However, we had somewhat of a “schedule” to meet this past week… […]

This is probably the number one question I get when I talk to people about living on a boat.  Our girls are 3 1/2 and 4 (almost 5) years old right now so technically they are not “school age”.  However, they are learning and absorbing the world around them like a sponge right now.  Our […]

In my last post, which some described as being a little tedious, I wrote about boat projects we were completing.  I ended that post with a mention that we were preparing for our first offshore passage and that it would take place through the night as we traveled from Beaufort, SC to St. Mary’s, Ga. […]

We were very relieved to learn that All In had survived the hurricane with no visible exterior damage. I spent a fair amount of time on Saturday and Sunday checking online and watching the Weather Channel for updates on the storm’s effect on Southport, but couldn’t really get a very good idea of localized damage. […]

Since arriving in North Carolina, we have been keeping our eye on the storm forming in the Atlantic. This storm has since turned into Hurricane Matthew and is bearing down on the southeast coast of the United States. As we traveled down the waterway earlier this week, our plans changed about 7 times. We had […]