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The last month has been a whirlwind of transition for our family.  While we are all very excited about our future plans, it has also been challenging readjusting to life on land.  For the last year, we have lived as a family unit in our floating home having lots of new experiences and having time […]

Wow….it is coming up on nine months that we have lived aboard All In.  These past months have taught me so many things about myself and my family.  This is not an experience you can ever really be prepared for, but instead you launch into it with a wild leap of faith and take in […]

Our Christmas this year was very different from previous years….we’re on a boat away from family and friends in a warm tropical location.  We wanted to make sure to carry traditions that we will continue year after year, despite our location.   When we downsized onto the boat, I quite literally got rid of just about […]

We left Southport exactly three weeks ago.  While we awaited All In to get repaired, we traveled through 10 states in our little yellow rental car that actually grew on us.  Not only have we had the chance to see and experience some awesome places during this time, we have also been able to visit […]

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