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Our last sail of the season did not end quite the way we had wanted but, once again, we were reminded that we are not in control and mother nature reigns over the seas.  Once we made it to St. Mary’s, Ga, we had the option of either continuing the ICW through GA which is […]

Wow….it is coming up on nine months that we have lived aboard All In.  These past months have taught me so many things about myself and my family.  This is not an experience you can ever really be prepared for, but instead you launch into it with a wild leap of faith and take in […]

Travel days can be draining on the whole family, especially in the summer heat and in waters that require someone to constantly man the helm.  When we first started out, I tried to keep a “routine” during these days of having boat school, crafts, playing, and so on.  I soon found this does not work […]

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