Transitioning from sea to land

Thursday , 29, June 2017 1 Comment

The last month has been a whirlwind of transition for our family.  While we are all very excited about our future plans, it has also been challenging readjusting to life on land.  For the last year, we have lived as a family unit in our floating home having lots of new experiences and having time for reflection.  The ability to slow down and focus on basic life needs has been a huge gift from the last year.  The people we have meet and the places we have visited, while learning to be more self-sufficient has made a lasting mark in the way we view life and want to live life.  Thus upon our return, we were eager to start a simpler life that we envisioned for our family on land; however once again, we have received a lesson in patience as this is not something that can be done quickly.

The last month we have traveled across South Carolina and Georgia visiting so many family members….aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, cousins.   Many that we have not seen in years.  It has been a wonderful and memorable time.  Yet, slightly overwhelming after being gone for a year and living a very different lifestyle.  Now we are craving some type of consistency in a time of transition.  I honestly had not prepared myself for this time of moving off the boat.  I wish I had read blogs of other families who had transitioned back to land to try to prepare myself.  Recently, I have found comfort in the book Voyaging with Kids and the chapter dedicated to Ending the Voyage.  I would highly recommend it to other families who are soon to be setting up life on land again.  While we were only living on the fringe of society for a year, many other families have crossed oceans truly living off the grid.  Their advice and commentary has validated many of my feelings.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I crave change….I feel it is truly part of the human experience and a time for growth.  Sometimes change is forced upon us and we do not like it, but other times, such as what I am experiencing right now, we are the agents of change in our life.  Despite loving the potential for growth and new experiences that change creates, it is still very difficult pushing through the transition. 

After moving off the boat with our 10 boxes about a month ago, we are finally moved into our home.  We are living in a townhouse we have owned over the past 8 years, but have rented it out during this time.  It feels HUGE compared to our boat.  Bryan is diligently working on different projects and has built our bed and the girls’ beds.  He is currently working on my home office and we have plans to renovate the kitchen and expand the unit in the very near future. 

I am embarrassed to admit, that we also had another 10 boxes that were stored away at my dad’s house that I am now digging through.  I thought I filtered through some of this “stuff” before we left, but I guess I was not able to part with some things.  Of course, that has changed now after living very minimally over the past year.  I have learned that I need very little to make me happy.  My family, health, and new experiences are my core.  I HAVE thoroughly enjoyed modern conveniences of continuous running water, electricity, hot showers, a freezer, a car, and easy access to anything I need since being back. 

Each day is a challenge setting up life again, while still reflecting on the past life and things do not feel simply right now.  It is a slow process grounding ourselves again, as we are trying to be very intentional about what we bring into our new home.  I feel so lucky to be able to start fresh, so I want to take advantage of this and not clutter up the home with stuff again.  So, patiently we begin each day with small tasks at hand, still attempting to focus on what truly matters.

As I continue to reflect on the past year, I find myself asking, “Did that really happen?  Was it just a dream?” It was truly an experience of a lifetime that has only instilled an itch in me to set in motion the next dream and start the next adventure.   

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  • Aunt Susan says:

    Welcome home!! It was so good to see you, Bryan and the girls and get the cousins together❤️

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